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Art Exhibit at Coffee at The Point

SANKOFA will be on display at Coffee at The Point from February 1st through March 31st celebrating Black History and Women's History through the art of our youth and community artists at Coffee at The Point.

Along with serving delicious food and drinks, Coffee at The Point displays the art of local artists. Each artist or collective of artists determines a theme and has two months to present their ideas through art on the wa

lls and events they plan around their chosen theme.

The theme chosen for the next two months, February (Black History Month) and March (Women's History Month) is Sankofa. Sankofa is a symbol of a bird with its head turned backward plucking an egg off its back. This symbol is used by the Akean people of Ghana to express the importance of reaching back to the knowledge gained in the past bringing it into the present in order to learn. "You must reach back to redeem that which is lost in order to move forward".

Denver artist Adri Norris is working with the students from the Conservatory Green Middle School, a DSST Public School in Denver, to develop art pieces to show for these two months. History Teacher Amer Randell, embraced the Sankofa theme as a way to make history come alive for the students and hired Adri to make that happen. Several local artists will also show their thoughts through art around the theme of Sankofa along with poetry of local writer and organizer, Niyankor Ajuaj. Niyankor came up with the Sankofa theme for this show.

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