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Barista Spotlight - Martez

Through our Barista Spotlight, Coffee at The Point would like to introduce Martez McKinzy!

Martez is from Kansas City, MO and moved to Denver to pursue a career involving his main passions: performing and teaching dance. On top of performing and teaching, he enjoys choreographing and personal training. Martez performs often here in Denver, previously working with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance. He also gets to travel to perform globally and regionally, currently away, working with Lula Washington Dance Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. He says, “I like the people in Denver, they are really nice, and Colorado is a really beautiful state.” His favorite place to travel is Savanna, GA, where the weather is amazing. He hopes to one day travel to the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, and Brazil.

When he is not dancing or making delicious beverages, Martez likes being a “homebody” and taking himself out on an occasional solo date. His favorite movie is the original Lion King, his favorite books are The Babysitters Club, and his favorite TV shows are The Golden Girls and Judge Judy. His family is very supportive of his career, they are always “rooting for him,” and he misses them a lot.

Martez started working for Coffee at The Point in June 2017, and he states that the “best part about working at Coffee at The Point, is my coworkers and learning how to make coffee is very interesting.” He enjoys making lattes so he can practice latte art! Martez says that Five Points is great because it has many centralized conveniences.

Martez is a cancer survivor since November 2011, and we are so happy to have his glowing, loving energy with us here at Coffee at The Point.

Thanks for everything Martez!

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