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Spotlight on The Humanity Store

The non-profit organization Impact Locally was founded ten years ago by its CEO, Travis Singhaus. About a year and a half ago, The Humanity Store opened its doors right here in the heart of Denver’s Five Points District, on Welton Street. The Humanity Store is a free retail store for those in need, including the homeless. Staff and volunteers make it their mission to allow the homeless to shop with a sense of dignity and choice. The Humanity Store provides not only clothing donations to the community, but they also offer various resources. Starting January and February of 2020, shower trucks and laundry trucks will be making scheduled stops out front of the shop. Once a month, the retail store is turned into a barber shop as professionally trained stylists offer their services to the public. This past Thanksgiving, the shop was converted into a restaurant where the homeless could choose their meal options from a menu and enjoy the holiday with pride. How can we support this wonderful organization that gives so much to the community? The Humanity Store is always accepting donations of clothing, accessories, and food. The biggest needs right now are for winter clothing. Men’s winter coats, jeans, boots, gloves, belts, and beanies are in high demand. Women’s adult clothing is needed as well. Food donations are accepted in the form of ready-made individual servings. Items such as protein bars or cupped noodles that only require hot water are preferred over items such as canned beans. The Humanity Store is very dependent on the services provided by volunteers and greatly appreciates the help of community members. Interested in volunteering your time? You can learn more at

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