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Barista Awards

We value Platinum Customer Service and Servant Leadership at Coffee at The Point. This month, each of our Baristas nominated a member of their team for an award in these categories. We’d like to take a minute to recognize the winners.

Servant Leadership Award: Leadership through the service of others. Who has shown a high level of truly serving fellow Associates?


Sara always provides the highest level of service to customers and staff. She is a strong leader and consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her.

Platinum Customer Service Award: Exceeding the expectations of Customers. Who has shown a high level of truly serving Customers?

WINNER: Ben & Elijah (tie)

Ben is on top of customer service and satisfaction. He works hard to anticipate the needs of customers and works quickly to meet/exceed those needs.

Elijah takes strong initiative in any situation. He goes out of his way to serve customers and works extremely hard serving fellow staff.

If you’d like to recognize a member of our staff for their exemplary work in either of these categories, we’d love to hear from you as well! Just drop an email to or text 303-524-0688.

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