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Points of Intersection - "Town Hall at The Point"

Coffee at The Point has been celebrating Black History through the art on the Walls during the months of February and March. You are invited to join us on Friday, March 22nd from 5:00-8:00 for a "Town Hall at The Point". This event is open to all and will discuss cultural appreciation, social issues such as use of the "n" word, being a person of color in college, oppression in the Olympics and other topics. This will be led by the organizing students. Mark your calendars as this will be an interesting evening.

The final event will be on Saturday, March 30th from 5:00-8:00 pm at Coffee at The Point. This is to show support for these young artists and to pay homage to the African Americans and Women who have paved the way, giving us the voice that has inspired this show. We will also hear about the goals and aspirations of our organizing group of students as they graduate high school and make their way into the world including a Go Fund Me project. You will also have the opportunity to purchase and take your piece of art home as the show is also "Coming Off the Wall" . Join us in celebrating the creative spirit of our youth and the platform they have provided to bring Black History and Women's History to life during the months of February/March 2019.

Organizers: Nephraterie Smith ... Kristen Norona ... Solliana Kineferigh ... Iftu Abdi

Artists: Iftu Abdi ... Betty Alemseghed ... Hannahbah Blue ... Sienna Dilworth ... Marin Griffith ... Makes Kalayu ... Alexi Kelly ... Solliana Kineferigh ... Kristen Narona ... Shadae Nicole ... Amanda Santistevan ... Celeste Santistevan ... Jenny Valdez-Fraire

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