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Meet Your Barista - September

MEET YOUR BARISTA - My name is September Adamson. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri, but after travelling around, I finally laid roots in Denver 2 years ago. I came here for the big city opportunities, but stayed for the small-town vibe.

Most nights you can find me at home with my boyfriend and our two cats, Joey & Chandler. As much as I love them, my heart lies in my entrepreneurial endeavors. I enjoy designing t-shirts for my apparel brand, Our Culture. I started this brand to help others use art and fashion to stand up against assault and inequality. I believe it brings people together with strong messages and simple designs. 30% of all proceeds are donated to to help victims of sexual assault in America.

I also run an online presence called Go Luv Urself, that spreads the message of Radical Self Love and Acceptance. I truly believe everyone should love themselves first and foremost, and through that love we can heal the world.

Our Culture Instagram: @ourculturestore Go Luv Urself Instagram: @goluvurself2day

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