Keel Vodka Cocktails

August 17, 2018

Your baristas have been working hard on a new project, handcrafted cocktails! All of our new cocktails will be featuring Keel Vodka, which is the first American-Made Premium Light Vodka. Keel Vodka is smoother, lighter, and refreshing vodka with just the right amount of alcohol and only 58 calories per serving. 

We will be adding TEN new Keel Vodka cocktails to our menu this month, including: 


The Mandarin Mule, which features refreshing orange, ginger, and lime.


The Elderflower Lemonade, a harmonious combination of tart lemonade and sweet elderflower liqueur.


The Colorado Sunrise, a perfect brunch cocktail of orange, cranberry, lime, and all-natural Wild Moon

lavender-infused liqueur.


Real Dill Bloody Mary, made with locally made Bloody Mary mix and served with fresh garnish.


Screwdriver, a brunch classic of vodka and orange juice.


Vodka Cranberry, a straightforward and easy to drink cocktail.


Vodka Kombucha, made with any of our rotating Brew Dr. Kombucha flavors.


Vodka Redbull, a popular caffeinated cocktail that can be customized with any Torani syrup flavor.


Vodka Soda, a light and refreshing choice that can be personalized with any Torani syrup flavor.


Cold-Brew Coffee White Russian, a classic favorite amped up with Arrosta Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur from


Boulder, Colorado!

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