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My name is Felicia. I am 25, born and raised in Denver! This is one of my favorite pictures taken in San Francisco. This trip is a very memorable turning point for me in my life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and romantically. I was lucky enough to long board from the middle of San Fran, to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was well over 20 miles on a long board, with parts of the adventure on foot. Along the way I came across some of the best coffee and Jambalaya dishes that I have had. Talk about a blessing. Now, this year I have made it a point to travel more and work a little less. Currently, I am in school working towards a degree in Humans Services with a focus on youth at risk. One of my goals was to work more with people in a smaller community. I had been into Coffee at The Point a handful of times and decided since I had spent so much time here, it would be a great idea to email Ryan and ask him if I could come work for him. I made it very clear to Ryan that the only coffee experiences I had was with my Keurig at home, but Ryan was more than willing to take on the challenge of making me a Barista at his shop and I could not have been happier! It has only been a short couple months here at Coffee at The Point, but I look forward to what everyday brings us here at the shop.

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