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Featured Artist Reuben Rowlette-Thomas

We're excited to be featuring the art of Reuben Rowlette-Thomas at Coffee at The Point throughout June and July!

Thomas has practiced art since he was a child which led him to finding an education in the fine arts. Reuben graduated from Community College of Denver, earning an AA degree. He then transferred to the University of Colorado Denver where he earned his BFA in Painting and Drawing in the Spring of 2018.

Reuben has been featured in art festivals throughout the Denver Metro area, including Beastival Comic Festival 2016, Denver Chalk Festival 2017 and Denver Comic Con 2017. He also works as a freelance illustrator, producing logo designs for websites, tattoos and accepts private commissions. Exhibitions include, Emmanuel Gallery's "Community College of Denver Student Show 2014 and The University of Colorado Denver Thesis Show at Redline Gallery 2018.

Be sure to walk around and check out his work the next time you stop by.

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