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Hines Devine Jazz at CaTP for Jazz Fest!

John Hines & Donna DeVine Trombone Jazz & Vocals will be performing on Coffee at The Point's outdoor stage from 4 pm - 5 pm for this year’s Five Points Jazz Festival on May 19th.

John Hines & Donna DeVine are modern jazz musicians with an unusual combination of melodic jazz trombone and uniquely contemporary jazz vocals. The breadth of our work represents a liberation from the stereotypical jazz norm: while we are comfortably bringing jazz classic standards to a new generation, we are also embracing quality music of more recent years, including arrangements of some of the most contemporary hits. We actively bring today's tunes to live jazz music.

We are excited to bring a set of swing, gospel, bop, blues, and pop tunes to the Five Points Jazz Festival, with a fantastic lineup of musicians:

John Hines, Trombone

Donna DeVine, Vocals

Chris Lawson, Trumpet

Tom Capek, Piano

Jason Malmberg, Bass

Dave Rohlf, Drums

Check out our sound at!

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