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Meet Rowena, your friendly Barista!

You may notice some new friendly faces around the coffee shop. Meet Rowena.

Rowena was born in New York City, and lived there for the past 8 years; however, she grew up mostly in Stamford, CT, and of Filipino descent. Rowena’s passions are writing, reading, working with youth, and working for social justice, which was a major theme in much of her time as a NYC public high school English teacher. Though she loves teaching and really miss it and her students, she was so burnt out by it that she is currently on sabbatical. Rowena is excited to call Denver her new place of residence because her hobbies include traveling, hiking, camping, running, yoga, and animals—she has 2 cats and hopes to adopt a dog soon.

Hear more from Rowena:

“I started at Coffee at The Point because I appreciate its diverse atmosphere and warm community, which reminds me of my local cafe that I was a regular at in NYC. Places like this become one’s home away from home.”

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