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Photography Exhibit by John Schoenwalter

"Voting in 2016 .... What's the Point?"

History of Political Journalism Photography by John Schoenwalter

Meet the Artist Event

Friday, October 14 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Photographer John Schoenwalter brings his experience as a political photojournalist to the walls of Coffee at The Point. The current voter discomfort with both mainstream US Presidential Candidates shows in sharp contrast to the excitement of Barack Obama's first campaign. Senator Barack Obama did a Book Signing at Tattered Cover in 2006 and there are photo's showing him charming his audience. More photos show him appearing later that same day at Congressman Ed Perlmutter's campaign rally in Aurora where local politicos seemed magnetized by his presence.

This photo exhibit at Coffee at The Point touches on the current campaigns and also looks back into Denver history. An example is Federico Pena's Mayoral Inauguration: Mayor Pena looks happy and eager to get to work while his seat mate ...outgoing Mayor Bill McNichols...fidgeting as the sun is glaring in his eyes. We will see activities Inside the State Capitol as well as protests and activities taking place outside on the streets near the State Capitol. Other items such as campaign posters are also included in this exhibit.

John began his career in New York City, studying drawing, painting and anatomy at the Art Student's League. Upon migrating to Colorado in 1972, John opened The Lower East Side Gallery in Aspen which remained a mainstay for 10 years. It was there that he became an expert in photography. John was the Photo Editor for Mothering Magazine in Corrales, New Mexico during the 1980's and then moved to Denver. His photographs have been featured in Westword, The Denver Post and The Statesman. His passion today is to photograph wild birds that migrate through our city.

John intends to be at Coffee at the Point Saturday mornings during the duration of this exhibit and will be available to answer questions and discuss the photographs.

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