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Meet Emma, your friendly Barista!

Emma immigrated to Denver when she was 2 yrs old from South Korea. She is still here because “Denver is a beautiful city; it is so diverse and lively, yet also calm and relaxing.” Hear a little more from Emma:

“I am at Coffee at The Point because I love interacting with all the people we see coming through our doors. Everyone has a different story, and although we can't know all of it, when we get to see even a glimmer of that story, it's another addition to my own knowledge and is something I can learn through.”

Emma is one of our leaders at The Point and shines when it comes to making customers feel at home. When Emma is not at The Point, She is playing her keys. Emma has a love for music and spends a lot of time writing music or fine tuning her performance. She also loves to catch other musicians' acts, bonus points for local artists, and support and be inspired by them.

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