Local Spotlight – Dj Cavem, Eco-hiphop

By Dj Cavem: I wanted to briefly reintroduce myself and my work. My name is Ietef Vita aka Dj Cavem, and I am an environmental/food justice activist, urban farmer, educator, founder of Eco-hiphop and Going Green Living Bling, and Co-founder (along with my wife Alkemia Earth) of Culinary Concerts (a live musical performance and plant-based cooking/juicing show). I use my album "The Produce Section" as a platform to educate, inform, and inspire youth and communities around subjects such as: environmental awareness, climate change, food justice, soil regeneration, urban/organic farming, plant-based foods, GMO's, holistic health and wellness.


​Together with my wife Alkemia, we travel both nationally and internationally and host lectures, panels, workshops, and live performances at schools, universities, and other relevant events with our message. We also help start gardens in schools and communities and educate.

We've been blessed to receive opportunities to present at The White House, Tedx Manhattan, and recently traveled to Azerbaijan with our message.

Recently, Huffington Post did an interview, and we went viral at over 5 million views in less than a week!!!!

We just soft launched our fundraiser through Barnraiser for our online curriculum and app, that will give our students the opportunity to take their interest in the movement to the next level in this movement, as it is vital for the next generation to know and to carry out this work. Our goal is to raise 33k to get this off of the ground and need support from like minded people such as you, as well as helping us spread the word! We are also looking for a matching sponsor (if we reach our goal).

Also, if there is any way you would like to have us at any of your events, please reach out!

​TO DONATE-> www.barnraiser.us/ecohiphop​


Organic​ Headquarters (An anthem for Natural Grocers)

Youth Summer Camp (Boys and Girls Club San Francisco)