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Election Preview (courtesy of Councilman Brooks)

With elections coming up, here are some important dates to remember and information on polling center locations. A complete list can be found by visiting the Denver Elections Division website.


October 17th

  • Elections Division Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) opens (October 17 through Election Day)

  • 22 day Colorado residency deadline

  • Mail ballots will be mailed out this week.

  • 24-Hour Ballot Drop-Off Boxes open to receive mail ballots

October 24th

  • Phase 1 VSPCs open (October 24 through Election Day

November 5th

  • Phase 2 VSPCs open (November 5 through Election Day)<

November 7th

  • Phase 3 VSPCs open (November 7 and Election Day)

November 8th

  • General Election (doors open at 7 am and close at 7 pm)

  • 24 Hour Ballot Drop-Off Boxes close at 7 pm

November 16th

  • UOCAVA and discrepancy deadline

November 23rd

  • Election certification and canvass


Please visit the Denver Elections Division website for a full list of Voter Service & Polling Centers and 24-Hour Ballot Drop-Off Box Locations.

Below is a list of District 9 Voter Service & Polling Centers:

Phase 1 Voter Service & Polling Centers:

  • Barnum Recreation Center (360 N Hooker Street in the Gym)

  • Tivoli Student Union at Auraria (900 Auraria Pkwy., in the Multicultural Lounge Rm 261)

Phase 3 Voter Service Polling Centers

  • Denver Coliseum (4600 N Humboldt St., Main Entrance Concourse)

  • Union Station (1701 Wynkoop St., in the McWhinney Meeting Room)

24-Hour Ballot Drop-Off Box Location:

  • Blair-Caldwell Library (2401 Welton St.)

  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science (2001 N Colorado Blvd.)

  • RTD - Light Rail at Union Station (1601 Chestnut Pl.)

  • Wellington Webb Municipal Building (201 W. Colfax Ave.)

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