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Meet Elijah, your friendly Barista!

Elijah has been a Barista at The Point for over a year. We have never met someone more liked by ALL their co-workers as Elijah is. Elijah travels over 45 minutes to get to the coffee shop and arrives 30 minutes before his shift even starts.

Hear more from Elijah:

“My name is Elijah Hall and I graduated from The Denver School of Science and Technology: Green Valley Ranch in 2015. Fresh out of high school, like all of us, I needed a job. The first place that came to mind was Coffee at The Point because of the amazing service I was given upon my first visit. Never have I been clad in so much friendly and positive energy in coffee shop before, so I knew I had to fill out that job application. A year and half later, I'm still loving every minute of the people I come in contact with on a day to day basis whether it's between a coworker and customer alike. Currently, I'm a sophomore at MSU Denver exploring my many options for which career path to choose.”

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