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Drinks of the Month

Coffee of the Month – El Aguila Bourbon

El Aguila Bourbon is a single-origin roast coffee grown from Santa Ana, El Salvador. This deliciously smooth coffee has a balanced finish with flavors of orange cream, floral, and walnut. Our coffees are freshly roasted by Novo Coffee, located in Five Points.

Tea of the Month – Earl Greyer

Our Earl Greyer Black Tea is an exceptional blend combining the lush flavor and exquisite fragrance of the Bergamot Orange, native to Southern Italy, with a lovely Ceylon black tea leaf from Sri Lanka. Recognized as the best tasting Earl Grey available.

Craft Beer of the Month – Milk Stout Nitro

Our Milk Stout Nitro, Sweet Stout, is brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company from Longmont, Colorado. With 6.0% ABV, this craft beer has cascading black with brown sugar and vanilla aroma with similar flavor and notes of coffee and chocolate. We’ve got something for everyone. Check out our selection of Craft Beer & Wine.

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