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Women Behaving Badly: Because Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

Seeing someone you can identify with do something incredible makes that thing seem possible. Boys know this well. Ask them about their heroes and they have a whole list of names. Not many girls can do the same. There are so many women who have shaped this world but they've been all but lost to history. Adri Norris hopes to change this disparity with her latest series of paintings, Women Behaving Badly.

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, at Coffee at The Point, the public will have a chance to meet the artist and enjoy the opening night of Women Behaving Badly's two-month exhibition. Adri will host several panel discussions, inviting women from the local community to come share their insights and experiences as women in their chosen fields. Women Behaving Badly aims to show the world women's vital contributions to science, politics, athletics, the arts, and activism.

"I started learning about women who invented things I use every day or who enacted policies which benefit me and I asked myself, why have I never heard of them before?" says Norris. In this series

of portraits, she uses a unique combination of watercolor and collage to tell each woman's story and answer three important questions: Who was she? What did she do? Why does that matter? Come see the exhibit to learn more and visit her website to see the events schedule for Women Behaving Badly in Denver.


Adri Norris, owner of Afro Triangle Designs is all about education and inspiration. "Artists have a responsibility to either record culture or to help create it," she says, and Afro Triangle takes this seriously. Equality and empowerment are the keys to change. Learn more at

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